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Mariluz Soula, PhD


Dr. Mariluz Soula is a Scientist at Lime Therapeutics. Prior to joining the team, Mariluz was an HHMI Gilliam Fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Kivanç Birsoy at Rockefeller University, where she obtained her PhD. There, she received the prestigious Women in Science Fellowship and David Rockefeller Fellowship awards. Her thesis work centered around understanding how cancer cells leverage lipid metabolism to evade cell death and escape the immune system. Her work uncovered the GCH1/BH4/DHFR axis, a novel, GPX4-independent mechanism of ferroptosis resistance. Mariluz graduated Summa Cum Laude with her Bachelor degrees in Biology and English from Florida International University where she was a MARC U STAR Fellow and Worlds Ahead Graduate. 

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